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Comfort food of choice? It's ice cream around here. In our second installment of this series, we dove into New Yorkers' ice cream habits. Miss our first dive into seltzers? Find it here.

These spicy temperatures aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Best way to cool off? Well, that's up to you, but we lean ice cream. 🍦

This is likely obvious as we carry over 20 brands: some legacy, some new, some NYC-local, some BIPOC-owned. Dairy-full or dairy-free, we're not picky, but think there's not much that matches the level of thrill to sitting down with a cold pint and a spoon in hand.

Is ice cream seasonally relevant (but actually, if you read to the end, you'll learn the month we sold the most) or does ice cream exude any calendar preference? Regardless, we looked deeper into the data to learn more about New Yorkers' top comfort food.

You all love Ben & Jerry's

In every neighborhood across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, Ben & Jerry's comes in at #1. What can we say? New Yorkers have a special relationship to The Tonight Dough & Half Baked.

At #2 stands Greenpoint-local and New York icon Van Leeuwen, followed by #3 Talenti with strong gelato coverage, another NYC staple Milk Bar at #4, and relatively-new-to-the-app Chloe's pops at #5.


When digging into the data, we noticed there was a pretty even spread of whether Van Leeuwen and Milk Bar was the top choice in each neighborhood.

Look closely at the results: Manhattan skews VL, while Brooklyn buys more Milk Bar. Where does your neighborhood lean?


Curious around more of Gorillas patterns around ice cream? Read on:

Post-dinner is the most popular time that New Yorkers typically order ice cream, and 5% of our rev is made up of this dessert.

To date, May is the most popular month to order and enjoy ice cream, and Williamsburg buys the most ice cream out of every neighborhood that we serve.

Cleary, ice cream is an easy crowd fave—after all, who doesn't love ice cream?

All insights are from Gorillas data, May 2021 - June 2022.

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