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Our Gorillas Crew is everything but normal. We are extremely diverse as we unite people from various demographics, backgrounds and skills. The one thing our many warehouse locations (and probably the whole wide world) seem to have in common is: their love for music. Employees enjoy putting the speakers on blast & sometimes rider members even play their own DJ sets because we have a really multi-talented crew. 😉

The impact the pandemic has had on the arts & culture is immense. Musicians, venues & bartenders are just a few of the many who couldn’t sustain themselves due to the creative industry being on halt. In order to support however we can, one of the few things we did was to start using music, produced and composed by our riders, for our social media content!

We also wanted to find different ways of showing off our riders’ talents, so we do YouTube live streams every now and then, where our employees play their very own DJ sets!

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