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Welcome to Choppin’ It Up: our series to celebrate and support the Black-owned brands on our app. To bring the series to life, we teamed up with chef & culinary influencer DeVonn Francis who hosted conversations with founders of Pipcorn, Yolélé, Partake, and A Dozen Cousins.

Choppin' It Up

Meet Jen Martin of Pipcorn

In episode 1 of Choppin' It Up, DeVonn sat down with Pipcorn cofounder Jen Martin to chat about her heirloom snack company.

You might be wondering, “okaaaay, so what’s the big deal with heirloom?” Pipcorn snacks are made from heirloom crops, which means that seeds must be two things: old and open-pollinated. We say trust Pipcorn on this one—it’s what makes their snacks crunchier and more flavorful.

To learn more about Pipcorn and heirloom snacks, watch episode 1 below! And, shop all Black-owned brands in the app for 20% off.

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