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When Gorillas started 2020, we could not have believed how fast we would be changing the food market. This was only possible with the incredible work of our rider crew and our many amazing teams behind Gorillas. We keep creating a strong community by building Gorillas based on four key values: we are authentic people, making bold decisions, owning the change and always continuing to ride. Get to know who’s behind Gorillas and always #FasterThanYou. Meet our rider crew in our “Faces of Gorillas” Blog series.

Today, Mathiy takes us down memory lane.

About Mathiy

My story

I joined Gorillas because my girlfriend works here. It was her idea that I try Gorillas. I must admit I wasn’t sure about joining initially as I didn’t know anything about the rider community before. Now, I’ve become a part of this community and I feel happy when I deliver orders to customers. I feel like I’m more connected to natural elements when I get on my bike to perform deliveries.

Working at Gorillas lets me meet other interesting riders, share experiences, and even collaborate on a few things! I’m an IT technician by profession. My passion is to compose and produce music. I’ve played in a few clubs in Berlin. Check out my music!

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