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When Gorillas started 2020, we could not have believed how fast we would be changing the food market. This was only possible with the incredible work of our rider crew and our many amazing teams behind Gorillas. We keep creating a strong community by building Gorillas based on four key values: we are authentic people, making bold decisions, owning the change and always continuing to ride. Get to know who’s behind Gorillas and always #FasterThanYou. Meet our rider crew in our “Faces of Gorillas” Blog series.

This one is from Vrajanath.

About Vrajanath

My story

Hailing from Cali Colombia, I wanted to leave my home country at the age of 23 to find better work prospects. I decided to move to Spain, applied for nearly 400+ jobs only to be disappointed as I could not find any. I heard about Gorillas when a friend moved to Hamburg and decided to work with Gorillas. I still remember my first day of the interview, where I was thinking to myself “is this something I would like to do?” But now, seeing an insane amount of growth, great work attitude, it definitely is the right decision I made.

Working here, I now have better time-management skills and the ability to focus on learning how to be a programmer. I am now learning how to build video games; being a gamer myself. I play a lot of League of Legends and other multiplayer games. I relate working here at Gorillas the same way as playing a video game. In a game, you will have to work together as a team to achieve a goal. Similarly, working at Gorillas, I work together with my fellow riders to feel a sense of teamwork. Be it delivering orders, helping another rider who is in need, or just seeing a smile on a customer’s face when they receive their order in 10 minutes. I’m really grateful to work here with so many nice and interesting people.

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