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When Gorillas started 2020, we could not have believed how fast we would be changing the food market. This was only possible with the incredible work of our rider crew and our many amazing teams behind Gorillas. We keep creating a strong community by building Gorillas based on four key values: we are authentic people, making bold decisions, owning the change and always continuing to ride. Get to know who’s behind Gorillas and always #FasterThanYou. Meet our rider crew in our “Faces of Gorillas” Blog series.

This one is from Karl.

About Karl

My story

I joined Gorillas back in September 2020 when there was just two warehouses in operation. After my career as a long haul flight attendant was put on hold due to the pandemic, I was only looking for a new challenge. Little did I know the incredible journey Gorillas was about to take me on.

Starting as a rider, I was amazed at what this little Berliner start-up was achieving and building so fast. I transferred to a position in our busiest warehouse, the infamous Danzi, and each week a new record in growth would be set, we couldn’t believe it. Some highlights included our big move from Danzi to Prenzlauerberg, and celebrating my 40th birthday with my team. To watch Gorillas grow from strength to strength and be part of its amazing success is truly an honor.

In my current position as one of the team leaders at the busiest warehouse in the Gorillas network, there’s always something new and exciting happening. The people that make up the Gorillas team are like a second family and coming to work is always a pleasure. To think how far we have come in under a year is just intense! I now see Gorillas as a long term career and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us! ❤️ 🦍 🚀

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