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We are proud of every member of our community at Gorillas. Our teams are made up of fascinating people from many different backgrounds, each contributing to the diverse energy of our crews. Our ongoing blog series “Faces of Gorillas” aims to highlight just a few of the personalities that make up our incredible and ever-growing community. These are the people at the core of our business, the riders and warehouse teams who ensure that your order arrives within 10 minutes!

Today we hear from Maria, from Venezuela—a Shift Leader in our Pankow, Berlin warehouse.

About Maria

My story

I’m an entrepreneur. I was a business owner for 6 years in Argentina, and after you run a business you understand all that it takes to keep it going and make it grow. I wanted to work in a company where I could apply my experience. I really love to make things run smoothly, improve processes and bring new ideas to our warehouse.

Gorillas is a really fun, dynamic and diverse work environment. The uniqueness of the concept, how disruptive it is in the market, and how bold the journey has been, is all possible precisely because of our community! We are a crew from all walks of life, bringing together our knowledge and experience for a common purpose, and that creates a special DNA.

What I love most about Gorillas is the speed! Both as an employee working inside the warehouse and also as a customer. When you're waiting for an order you don't even have the chance to change your clothes when the rider is at your door! It's really amazing.

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