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Following a meeting of all staff today (on June 11th), Gorillas, CEO & Co-Founder, Kağan Sümer issued the following statement:

“The last few days have deeply troubled me. Earlier this week we were faced with the hard but necessary decision to let one of our riders go. In response, some of our community took to the streets to share their discontent. And whilst we support our employees in voicing their opinions, we would always seek to engage in with one another in an honest and constructive dialogue where everyone’s voices and opinions can be heard. Sadly, this has not been the case, which has resulted in the spreading of disinformation, which I would like to clear up.

First, let me be clear that Gorillas never hires to fire. But if someone is let go, it’s with the interests of our community in mind. I stand by the decision taken, however I will always be open to new input on finding better ways of communication and processes moving forward.

As a young company growing and learning every day, we have started a movement, that makes Gorillas:

  • The first company of its kind, in our industry, that actually employs its bike crew, instigating a step away from the gig economy model.
  • The first business to make delivery riding a team sport - giving riders a social network and a homebase in the warehouse.
  • The first organisation to give the security of a stable income when riding.
  • A company that makes riders proud of their jobs.
  • A business that has enabled almost 400 Gorillas riders to use their skills and talents elsewhere in the business. From HR to Marketing to operations to customer support.
  • A home for 6,000 riders (mostly through crew referrals) with an amazing 8.6 / 10 employee happiness score.

We are all part of this movement which, amazingly, only started a year ago.

If the last few days have shown anything, they have made it clear that we need to turn our attention back to what we are most proud of and one of the main reasons we’re all here together… our love of riding.

So with that in mind, on the 28th of June, I will hop on my bike for my next big trip. Starting in Berlin I will ride from city to city where we have riders and warehouses, to meet and ride with them through their cities. To join together and #AlwaysBeRiding.

See you on the road.”

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