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Earlier this year, we made the decision to be more transparent about the changes we are continuously implementing as part of an action plan, following an internal survey, to enhance the employee experience of our riders today, and in the long term.

From day one, we set out to do things better than they’ve been done before. And, as the first company of its kind to offer employees contracted work, holiday and sick pay, our entry into the market marked a turning point for the on-demand delivery industry.

In sharing the plan and the ongoing developments, we want to make ourselves accountable in our mission to bring real change to the lives of riders at Gorillas. The comprehensive action plan details a list of improvements for our riders, including lightweight delivery loads, individual shift planning, and more transparent tracking of working hours.

Within weeks of publicly sharing the action plan, we successfully implemented improvements that included updates such as the introduction of weight indication boards in warehouses, smaller backpacks, and a new shift planning tool to eliminate payment discrepancies. We also doubled the size of our rider support team enabling the team to catch up on all unanswered support requests.

Since this first announcement we’ve gone on to add a new feature in the rider and picker dashboard that indicates the required number of riders per delivery; raised the tip option from 4€ to 10€ in our app (with plans to set it to unlimited) and created an ‘in app’ notification informing customers that all tips go to the riders.

Our Riders were also pleased to know that...

  • it is now possible to swap shifts in our scheduling app
  • Cargo-bike and bike rack testing has begun in several warehouses across the markets
  • a ‘Tip Dashboard’ has been added to the rider app (increasing visibility on tips collected)
  • City rider ops supervisors have been introduced as local contact for support questions and punch-in reminders have been added to Quinyx to improve time tracking.

Furthermore, to ensure that ALL of our employees continue to be able to easily engage with us on work-life topics we’re introducing Riders Office Hours, an confidential feedback channel, and a new feedback inbox. Our feedback channels and inbox are, of course, open to all employees.

We’re happy to share the implementation of these measures today, but we’re not stopping there! We have set clear steps to take for future improvements in the progress. These include:

  • Ticket prioritization in our rider support queue, so the urgent tickets get dealt with quicker
  • Additional rider app chat function for quick access to rider support
  • Removing the 10€ tip cap in the Gorillas app
  • The introduction of Wellness video series for pre-shift warming up and post-shift yoga sessions

We’d like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who has shared their feedback with us in the last few months. We’re making progress and are grateful to those who support us in enhancing the working lives of our riders and those across the industry.

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