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  • Gorillas launches first private label brands in four key markets: Germany, France, Netherlands and the UK
  • Unique own assortment with around 50 high-quality products under four new private label brands, above the category standard, and at a fair price
  • New private labels are a key component of Gorillas’ profitability and sustainability strategy

Berlin, June 7th 2022 - Gorillas today announced the launch of four proprietary private label brands “Gorillas Daily”, “Gorillas Premium”, “Hot Damn!” and “< start-up beer >” in its key European markets of Germany, France, the UK, and the Netherlands. Gorillas will offer a unique and extensive assortment of around 50 products in 11 of the most demanded categories. The four brands have been developed based on customer insights to offer high-quality products that exceed category standards at a fair price. The first products will be available in the Gorillas app starting June 9th, with additional products being released over the course of the summer.

“Offering an excellent customer experience is at the core of Gorillas’ model. Since day one, we wanted to develop our own products with unique flavors and creative packaging to perfectly match the needs and tastes of our customers. Our new private labels are also a key component of our profitability strategy and will enable us to develop new revenue streams across our core markets. Additionally, it reinforces our commitment to sustainability as we are focusing on environmentally friendly solutions for production and packaging”, said Kağan Sümer, Founder & CEO of Gorillas.

Gorillas will kick-off their private label roll out with four private label brands each setting a different focus:

  • Gorillas Daily for delicious everyday essentials like spreads, cold cuts, and cheese at an entry-level price.
  • Gorillas Premium for a selection of top-end products with particular high quality such as fresh pasta and sweet and savory snacks.
  • Hot Damn! for a premium coffee experience, including beans, coffee grounds, home-recyclable pods, and oat drink.
  • < start-up beer >, two craft beers, a palatable Bavarian Helles and a tasty Pale Ale, for everyone to enjoy, not just start-up people.

With over 16 million orders delivered globally, Gorillas knows exactly what its customers look for when shopping for groceries. Its deep and data-driven knowledge of customer preferences has guided the development of the private label products. Their addition to the Gorillas app, together with the already extensive selection of well-known and demanded brands, will further contribute to deliver an even better shopping experience to customers.

All products from our private label brands are manufactured by partners who fully share our strong commitment to sustainability and transparency. Our providers of fruit juice and beer, for example, operate with 100% renewable energy and have plans in place to reduce their carbon emissions. Not only in manufacturing, but also with regard to packaging, Gorillas works together with partners who share its vision to fight plastic waste. All the bottles used for fruit juices, the oat drink containers, and the eco-friendly craft paper packaging for nuts are made from recycled materials. In addition, the coffee pods can be fully composted in only 26 weeks.

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