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In 8 weeks, over 16T of unsold food were transformed into over 32K meals.

Changing the food retail industry isn’t hard. It’s as simple as changing the way we do grocery shopping. Buy and order only what you need. It’s simple. And it’s massive too. Because it slows the demand for unnecessary products. It preserves the environment and shows respect for food.

In total, over one billion tonnes of food is lost or wasted each year. We are committed to reduce that number by giving a good example and distributing surplus food to those most in need. We educate our community on food waste and make them aware of the impact of their actions when it comes to grocery shopping.

Gorillas is setting up new standards for the grocery industry by promoting sustainable operations, mindful consumption and respect for the planet. Delivering groceries by e-bikes instead of private cars significantly reduces the CO2 footprint and relieves traffic and air quality in city centers. Gorillas is also working with Planetly, a leading carbon management company, and became the first CO2-neutral player on the market.

Over the last three months we piloted this project and distributed surplus food with our branded Gorillas van to charities across Milan. In total, we donated to 15 local charity organizations. Throughout the months we made the following positive impact: over 3 tonnes of CO2 reduced and almost 50K M3 of water saved, over 32K meals distributed and 16 tonnes of surplus food distributed.

About Gorillas

Gorillas, founded by CEO Kağan Sümer, builds an infrastructure for the fastest last-mile delivery of essential human needs. The on-demand delivery startup needs just a few minutes to get a user’s desired goods from the cart to the user’s desired location. Users of the app benefit from access to more than 2,000 essential items at retail prices for a delivery fee of just 1.80€. By disrupting the shopping and supply chain experience of traditional retail companies, Gorillas is shaping new grocery consumer behavior (Need-Order-Get). Gorillas has hired a diverse team of more than 14,000 employees globally – spreading true change in its community. In a little over one year, Gorillas has expanded to more than 60 cities, including Amsterdam, London, Paris, Madrid, New York, Milan and Munich, and built more than 200 warehouses across 9 countries.

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