Gorillas joins Alliance for Responsible Drinking

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  • New frontline agent training launched to support anyone delivering alcohol to do so responsibly and in accordance with the law
  • Thriving grocery and food delivery services join leading drinks producers and online retailers to prevent online sale and delivery to those underage and tackle harmful drinking amongst adults
  • Revenue in the global online food delivery segment is projected to reach $344 billion in 2022**

Berlin - September 26th, 2022: As the global online food delivery segment is set to reach $344 billion in 2022, the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD) is launching training to equip anyone delivering alcohol with tools to deny delivery where necessary, including communication techniques for handling tricky situations. This new training resource for frontline delivery agents supports the implementation of IARD’s global standards for e-commerce.

Gorillas is the latest company to join the global standards coalition of leading beer, wine, and spirits companies and major online retailers, e-commerce and delivery platforms for the responsible sale and delivery of alcohol. This global partnership was established to prevent sale to minors, reduce harmful drinking among adults, and help ensure alcohol is delivered only to recipients in accordance with local or national laws and regulations.

A core element of delivering alcohol in the right way to adults who choose to drink is to ensure frontline delivery agents are empowered and supported to deny delivery whenever necessary. IARD’s training tool highlights the importance of refusing delivery in the following scenarios and is available is several languages:

  • Where valid ID cannot be provided when age is in question
  • Where those of legal purchase age appear to be purchasing alcohol for minors
  • Where recipients are undoubtedly intoxicated

The global standards aim to support the development of national in-country codes and practices for the online sale and delivery of alcohol, which build on local and national regulation. Retailers involved in the partnership are committed to put in place monitoring systems to measure compliance with the standards and have mechanisms so consumers can provide feedback.

Henry Ashworth, IARD President and CEO, said: “The way people purchase alcohol beverages is shifting, with rapid growth in online delivery services. IARD member companies are determined to play their part in ensuring that delivery drivers are confident and comfortable when handing over alcoholic beverages. Training tools are crucial to support frontline agents and IARD’s new training resource uses lessons from traditional sales environments to empower them to deny delivery where necessary. We are delighted that Gorillas is joining forces with leading beer, wine and spirits companies, online retailers, and other leading e-commerce platforms worldwide to prevent the sale and delivery of alcohol to minors and to reduce harmful drinking among adults. We urge others to become part of the alliance.”

Alexander Brunst, Gorillas’ Global Vice President Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Affairs and Sustainability, said: “As one of the leading quick commerce players, ensuring the highest standards of responsible business practices for our sector is an important focus for us. By joining the IARD global standards we want to set a strong stance for a safe and appropriate shopping experience at every point of the customer journey – from the first purchase intent in our app and product selection, until the delivery is made to an appropriate recipient at the doorstep.”

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