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November 15th, Berlin- Gorillas today announced the launch of the next version of its app – more visual, dynamic and usable than ever, and offering a more personalized experience. Thanks to customer feedback and the work of the Gorillas’ Product, Design, Engineering and Quality Assurance teams, Gorillas’ new app version allows for a more dynamic and interactive navigation across its different sections and an easier access to each of the different product categories.

The new Gorillas app stands out immediately for its maximized readability, as product categories are now bigger than in previous versions of the app, and for an improved accessibility. The app has a more playful design and bolder colors, and a personalized welcome for its users. In addition, the hierarchy of the shopping cart has been completely redesigned and now provides a better overview of selected items and additional relevant information for customers.

True to Gorillas’ mission, the newest version of the app makes it even easier to have immediate and easy access to a curated assortment of high quality and fresh products that enable Gorillas’ customers to live and eat well. A smoother onboarding process welcomes new customers and guides them through the registration process. Once in the app, customers can now select their most frequently purchased products as favorites and include them in a dedicated and easily accessible section, all by simply tapping on a heart icon.

The app makes it even easier to both reorder and search for items. In addition, delivery addresses can now be easily labeled, which is particularly useful for those using several of them within their account. Also the payment process, once items have been selected and customers are ready to place their order, displays a cleaner design when selecting the payment method, which can be easily switched before payment.

Once an order is placed with the new app version, Gorillas’ customers will encounter a redesigned post-order experience, one in which the different statuses of the order are better explained. The customer’s profile screen has also been restructured to allow for better visibility over past and current orders as well as the way in which details from the customer can be edited.

The new version of the Gorillas app is now available for download on both the Google and the Apple app stores and will be updated on a regular basis to include new and attractive features.

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