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Gorillas x Highsnobiety

Berlin is home for Gorillas. That is why we are proud to announce that we are part of the second installment of BERLIN, BERLIN, a celebration of the German capital’s vibrant energy and creativity by street fashion & culture authority (and fellow Berliner), Highsnobiety.

This September, we pay tribute to our hometown through the Highsnobiety BERLIN, BERLIN collaboration with a series of AR sculptures, dinner, a limited-edition capsule collection, and merch drop on our app from the 10th of September, as well as a special editorial featuring some of our riders.

After a successful launch in January 2021 as a collaboration with the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises, Higsnobiety is bringing its digital-first experience BERLIN, BERLIN, centered around its beloved founding city, into the physical realm.

“With Berlin Fashion Week having moved right next to Art Week, our program will continue to showcase locally-rooted globally relevant players from a variety of disciplines,” says Highsnobiety Director of Collaborations and Special Projects Hendrik Juergens, adding that they plan to expand to exclusive product drops, physical experiences, as well as a design prize given out to some of Berlin's creative community.

“Gorillas and Highsnobiety have more in common than just being born and bred in Berlin, we also share a common devotion to (box)fresh products, creativity that is very much present in our teams, and an aim to reshape old modes of thought related to culture and technology,” shares Gorillas Brand Director Angharad Probert.

Like Highsnobiety, we are also present in other cities such as New York but considers Berlin as its home and origin. As an on-demand delivery app that grew from Berlin, there’s never enough reason to hype up that distinct Berliner energy and BERLIN, BERLIN is just the perfect platform to let homegrown crews like us have the spotlight and celebrate their love for the city and its commitment to create, inspire, and innovate.

Photos courtesy of Highsnobiety

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