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Berlin, August 30th, 2022 - In addition to the recently launched < start-up beer > and our own coffee brand "Hot Damn!", Gorillas customers can now look forward to even more brand new products from one of the Q-Commerce leaders: Gorillas Premium and Gorillas Daily.

"Gorillas Daily" offers high-quality products for everyday grocery needs at fair prices, such as bread spreads, cold cuts, cheeses, sweet and savory snacks as well as fruit juices. From now on, Gorillas customers will be able to order Italian specialties such as mortadella with truffle, prosciutto crudo, and various cheese specialties including buffalo mozzarella and burrata. A variety of pasta sauces, such as pesto or truffle cream sauce will also be available for our customers to enjoy.

Sweet and savory snacks are also not to be missed: From chocolate covered pretzel bites over a salted nut mix to chocolate-covered peanuts. Another product highlight that cannot be overlooked is our Gorillas Daily peanut butter. We only use high-quality peanuts sourced from South America to create this creamy spread that is available in both smooth or crunchy texture. Two new apple and orange fruit juices complete the range. Produced from one hundred percent natural fruit, these juices are packaged in eco-conscious recycled PET bottles.

"Gorillas Premium" offers high quality special products that customers can enjoy as a special treat or their daily luxury. With unique and extraordinary flavors, Gorillas Premium offers a variety of fresh pasta such as ravioli with truffle, ravioli with spinach and ricotta, gnocchi, tagliatelle and spaghetti. In addition, salted caramel peanut pieces, cookie fudge milk chocolate pieces, chili almonds and peanuts, roasted and salted cashews, roasted peanuts with Espelette pepper, which is AOC certified, as well as roasted and salted pistachios can now be ordered in our Gorillas’ app with just a few clicks and will delight savvy snackers.

The Gorillas private labels "< start-up beer >", "Hot Damn!", “Gorillas Premium” and “Gorillas Daily” were created based on the preferences of Gorillas’ users and offer high quality products at a fair price. For their production, Gorillas has gone the extra mile to select partners that share the same environmental and social responsibility values. You can learn more interesting facts about Gorillas' own brands here.

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