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From handshakes and humble beginnings, how ROY Kombucha grew its brand with Gorillas

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On October 6th Gorillas hosted its very first “Gorillas Partner Conference” in Berlin. Among many of the guests in attendance was Fabio Carlucci, the founder and CEO of ROY Kombucha, who shared the success story and learnings from his young Berlin-based brand that brews high-quality kombucha.

ROY is one of Gorillas’ local partners and, as such, its products are available in our app for not only our Berlin customers but now all those in Germany to enjoy! What makes the partnership between ROY and Gorillas so unique is how it came about: with a handshake between Fabio and Kağan Sümer, Gorillas founder and CEO, in front of Gorillas’ first warehouse in Berlin back in early 2020.

Since that day, back when ROY was about to hit its first year of life and Gorillas was just a few months old, Gorillas’ customers in Berlin have been able to order (and receive in minutes) the different kombucha flavors offered by ROY. These naturally refreshing and energizing drinks are naturally fermented with only a handful of high quality, organic ingredients and are full of organic acids and B vitamins.

Our partnership has gone beyond simply having ROY’s drinks listed in our app, it has also led to a limited edition collaboration, the first of its kind at Gorillas: a delightful and refreshing kombucha infusion of organic bananas called “ROY x Gorillas Banana Kombucha”. With a tiny hint of vanilla, this well-balanced, vegan, gluten and lactose-free kombucha drink is capable of sweetening everyone’s day. It also comes in a unique Berlin look that we designed together: black can, black label.

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