The Gorillas Guide to a perfect picnic

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Time to get your picnic on.

Just picture a picnic basket on a blanket under the cool shade of a tree. Imagine easy nibbles alongside a slice of crusty bread and a bottle of wine. A picnic is more than just a cool summer activity, it's a state of mind. This week, why not save all those indoor evening dinners for autumn and enjoy the fresh air and last stretch of that summer sunshine with a picnic? Our guide will help you plan it to chef's kiss perfection. 🧺🥖🌺

Quick tips:

1. Plan it. Location and good weather are everything! Pick a serene spot with lush grass and some shade, pin it and send it around to your friends so they can easily find you. Don’t forget to check the weather ahead of time to make sure you’re not surprised by a sudden downpour.

2. Pack it. Some indispensable items for a breezy, hassle-free picnic: A big, preferably waterproof blanket (gingham if you’re feeling nostalgic), a corkscrew and bottle opener, a serrated knife and cutting board, and plenty of napkins, plus a trash bag for inevitable spillage. If you’re feeling fancy, take along an ice-filled cooler for your drinks!

3. And don't sweat it. The days of lugging heavy, food-stuffed bags to your picnic spot are over. Just order with us and we’ll deliver everything straight to your picnic blanket! If you forgot your favorite dip, or are running out of drinks - just whip out your phone, order and we’ll be there in 10!

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