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Emanuel is a rider from our Colindale warehouse in the UK. A great team player, he’s on a mission to become a professional footballer. Currently, playing semi-professionally, Gorillas gives him the flexibility he needs to strive towards his dream.

How was your first day at Gorillas? My first day at Gorillas was very exciting. I got to meet the ‘rider captain’ who introduced me to the team. For my first couple rides, I got to shadow an experienced rider until I was confident enough to ride by myself.

Tell us about your life outside of Gorillas? Outside of Gorillas I play for a couple football teams. I’m currently playing for a semi-professional team, my dream is to be playing for a League 2 team and above, and I’d love to represent my country in the future.

How is Gorillas supporting your long-term goals? Gorillas is supporting my long-term goals as a footballer, as it gives me the flexibility to train and play matches on the weekends. This is the perfect job for me, as within the “Gorillas Rider Football League”, I’m able to compete and stay active on the job.

You can watch Emanuel’s full video on the Gorillas UK Instagram account through the link below.

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