What you can expect

Riders first

A supportive team that is always there to help & listen to your feedback.

Competitive earnings

Gorillas pays an hourly wage (including waiting time!) and customers’ tips.

Grow with us

Take ownership over different functions that suits your profile.

Cool rider swag

Head to toe with the best rider outfit on the streets! Stylish, safe & functional.

Speedy e-bikes

Our e-bikes help you get around the city quickly and easily.

Vibrant crew

Join a diverse & inclusive community of energetic bike enthusiasts.

  1. 1. Ride

    Load your backpack, & hit the road!

  2. 2. Delight

    Do the 10 minutes magic & see the customer’s face light up!

  3. 3. Return

    Ride back to the base & check-in with your crew.

  4. 4. Repeat

10 minutes

All you need

  • Be open and inclusive
  • Love for cycling
  • Reliable & punctual
  • Available to ride for 20+ hours a week

Join us

Why its fun

  • Teamwork makes the dream work.
  • Get to know the city in the fresh outdoors.
  • Amaze customers with lightspeed deliveries.
  • Be a part of Gorillas community.
Apply now

Ride with us

Testimonial from  Theo, Gorillas DE

Theo, Gorillas DE

Testimonial from  Theo, Gorillas DE

Theo, Gorillas DE


What do I need to start?

A valid working permit for the country you're applying for. Be over the minimum age in this country.

Do I need a bicycle and a phone?

We provide you with speedy e-bikes during all your shifts. You’ll need a phone with a data connection.

When can I start?

It's mainly up to you. You can ride in a few days if you want!