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General These conditions apply to the promotion "NACHT VAN DE WIJN NL WITH GORILLAS" of Gorillas Technologies Netherlands B.V. residing in Amsterdam, hereinafter referred to as GORILLAS respectively. The aim of this promotion is to award a number of prizes to participants by means of a promotional game of chance, to promote GORILLAS APP AND NACHT VAN DE WIJN.


  • Participation in the promotion takes place in the manner indicated by GORILLAS
  • By participating in this promotion you agree to the promotion conditions.
  • Minimum age to participate: 18 years.
  • Participation is excluded for GORILLAS employees, as well as anyone who is in any way directly or indirectly involved in this promotion in an organizational sense.
  • Participation in this promotion is free. GORILLAS does not charge communication costs.
  • The participants are bound by the content and provisions of these terms and conditions.

Promotion period and playing style

  • You can participate from 03/10/2021 to 04/10/202.
  • Participant in the promotion is anyone who meets the conditions and participates in the promotion through GORILLAS.
  • To participate in the promotion, you have to tell us in the question sticker from the story, why you would like to go to NACHT VAN DE WIJN with three friends. At the end of the promotion period the winners will be selected.


  • GORILLAS will receive a list of all the names of the people participating in the promotion. The selection of the winners will be made by means of a draw from this list. The list is used solely for the purpose of selecting the winners and notifying the winners that they have won the prize. The list will be further disseminated.
  • The following prizes can be won:
  • 6 x 4 tickets to Nacht van de Wijn. (Total values of this price is €502,8)
  • 1 x 4 golden ticket (Lunch & Masterclass Maison Champy (With Gorillas) (p.p.) incl. toegang festival) (Total values of this price is €403,8)
  • The winners will receive a message via e-mail.
  • To claim the prizes, winners must have shared the personal details (names and living addresses).
  • If a prize is refused, it forfeits to GORILLAS.
  • All prizes are personal, directly registered and not exchangeable for cash or other prizes.
  • Any gambling tax will be borne by GORILLAS.


  • No rights can be derived from the result of this promotion.
  • No correspondence will be entered into about the outcome of the promotion.
  • GORILLAS is entitled to change the promotion conditions and/or prices in the interim without stating reasons.
  • In cases not provided for in these regulations, GORILLAS will decide.
  • In the event of suspicion of fraud or undue influence on the promotion, GORILLAS reserves the right to exclude participants, not to award prizes or to waive the right and/or to a prize.
  • If incomplete and/or incorrect (personal) data is provided during participation, GORILLAS has the right to exclude the participant from further participation and/or it can be decided to cancel the right to the prize to be won.
  • Questions and complaints about the promotion can be made by sending a letter to GORILLAS, attn. Customer Service, stating: “NACHT VAN DE WIJN CHALLENGE NL WITH GORILLAS”, Stadhouderskade 5H, 1054 ES, Amsterdam.


  • GORILLAS, the auxiliary persons or third parties engaged by it cannot be held liable for damage that may arise in any way from this promotion and/or the prizes made available by GORILLAS.
  • GORILLAS is not responsible or liable for defects in the prices to be provided by it. GORILLAS does not provide any guarantees on the prices to be provided by it.

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