Ezgi's perfectly poached eggs

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Ezgi's poached eggs

The most delicate way to cook an egg? Poach it. If you like your egg soft to medium and lower in fats and calories, then poached is the way to go. A poached egg elevates any breakfast dish (or soup) and just adds that little bit of chicness - think on top of avocado bread, or on a muffin with spinach and hollandaise sauce. If (like us) you’ve struggled to get your poached egg right in the past, Berlin-based photographer (@ezgipolat) and food blogger (@ischta__ ) Ezgi Polat is here to help. This time, she’s letting us in on her secret to the art of the perfectly poached egg and we can’t wait to get (egg) cracking. Teach us, sensei! 🥚😋

The recipe

You need:

2 eggs 1 shot of vinegar 1 pinch of salt 1 pinch of pepper

How it’s done:

Fill a pot with approx. 15-20 cm of water, add salt and a few drops of vinegar. Then heat the water - it shouldn’t boil, but just begin to simmer.

Before you add the egg(s) to the water, stir the hot water vigorously with a spoon so that you create a whirl in your pot. Break the egg into a bowl and gently pour into the whirling water. Let the egg cook for appox. 3 minutes, then ladle it out with a skimmer and place it on a piece of kitchen roll to absorb the water. Season with a pinch of pepper and serve however you like - on its own, on avocado bread, or on whatever else you fancy. A poached egg elevates any breakfast dish. Enjoy! 🍴✨

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