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When Gorillas started 2020, we could not have believed how fast we would be changing the food market. This was only possible with the incredible work of our rider crew and our many amazing teams behind Gorillas. We keep creating a strong community by building Gorillas based on four key values: we are authentic people, making bold decisions, owning the change and always continuing to ride. Get to know who’s behind Gorillas and always #FasterThanYou. Meet our rider crew in our “Faces of Gorillas” Blog series.

Today Mariana shares a little insight into her life.

About Mariana

My story

Being a graphic designer half of my time and working with Gorillas the other half, I have a well-balanced life when it comes to following my passion for fashion photography. Leaving my home country of Argentina, after living in Copenhagen for a year with my partner, I found Berlin calling me to pursue my true passion.

This is where I found Gorillas when two of my friends who work here asked me to give it a try. Loved the idea of being on the road delivering orders, going to the warehouse after a delivery, getting to know different people from different walks of life, this would not have been possible if it wasn’t for Gorillas. Sometimes, it's hard to live in a new country and miss home, after I started working at Gorillas, the rider community makes me feel welcome and not miss home.

I’m now given an opportunity to work in the warehouse. That gives me assurance that true hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

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