Gorillas offering 12 Euros hourly wage in Germany

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  • Riders will receive €12 per hour from January 1, 2022 - plus tips, plus bonuses
  • The rider bonus will be increased to 5 Euros per delivery for the month of December only
  • A new winter rider kit will be available for all riders

Berlin, December 3rd, 2021 - Germany's leading instant on demand grocery delivery service, Gorillas, increases hourly wages for its riders and makes a bold statement to the delivery industry. From January 1st, riders will receive an hourly wage of €12 plus tips and bonuses. The pay raise increases the amount of money earned per hour, by at least 14%, compared to the current €10.50 wage. With this, the company is defining a new industry standard in Germany.

The new hourly wage represents the minimum potential salary for Gorillas riders. In response to the request of riders, Gorillas introduced a new bonus system in October which offers riders the opportunity to increase their hourly salary above their minimum hourly wage. Based on the bonus system, all riders receive 4 Euros per delivery, provided that the average monthly amount exceeds their fixed hourly wage. This amount will be increased to 5 Euros in December only.

In addition to the salary increase, Gorillas has been continuously improving the working conditions of its crew. Most recently, Gorillas partnered with Berlin startup GetHenry to expand its fleet with 1,200 new e-bikes and by introducing cargo bikes to 15 German cities. For the upcoming winter season, Gorillas has upgraded the equipment provided to each rider. The redesigned rider kit will be rolled out with new winter jackets, gloves, power bank, phone cases, safety goggles and neck warmers.

"Since the beginning of our operations, we have been committed to provide a counter-model to the gig economy. That's why we've employed our riders on a permanent basis from the start. By increasing the hourly wage to 12 euros across Germany, we want to acknowledge the efforts of our riders and express our appreciation for the work they do every day" says Alexander Brunst, Germany General Manager.

About Gorillas

Gorillas, founded by CEO Kağan Sümer, builds an infrastructure for the fastest last-mile delivery of essential human needs. The on-demand delivery startup needs just a few minutes to get a user’s desired goods from the cart to the user’s desired location. Users of the app benefit from access to more than 2,000 essential items at retail prices for a delivery fee of just 1.80€. By disrupting the shopping and supply chain experience of traditional retail companies, Gorillas is shaping new grocery consumer behavior (Need-Order-Get). Gorillas has hired a diverse team of more than 14,000 employees globally – spreading true change in its community. In a little over one year, Gorillas has expanded to more than 60 cities, including Amsterdam, London, Paris, Madrid, New York, Milan and Munich, and built more than 200 warehouses across 9 countries.

Press contact: press@gorillasapp.com

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