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Jumbo Supermarkets and instant ‘on-demand delivery company’ Gorillas announce strategic partnership

Jumbo Supermarkets and instant on-demand delivery company Gorillas have reached an agreement on a strategic partnership in the Netherlands and in the Flanders region in Belgium. The partnership focuses on the rapidly growing market for instant groceries deliveries ordered online in larger cities. Jumbo and Gorillas are convinced that they can benefit from each other's expertise while strengthening their own market position. Under the agreement, Jumbo will supply a large part of its range to Gorillas, including various A-brand, Jumbo Own Brand, organic and exclusive La Place products. Jumbo online customers in urban areas will also have the opportunity in the future to have their purchases delivered through Gorillas in minutes. Gorillas is already active in eleven Dutch cities and in two cities in Belgium, and will continue to increase its local footprint across both countries in 2022.

Long-term collaboration

The partnership between the two companies is based on a long-term collaboration and has an initial term of several years. Gorillas has also recently concluded collaboration agreements with national retailers in other markets, such as Tesco in Britain and Casino Group in France. The collaboration with Jumbo in the Netherlands will start this quarter and will be rapidly scaled up. The agreement also contains arrangements for the bundling of marketing activities in the field of lightning fast grocery delivery. Jumbo and Gorillas see opportunities for expanding their propositions for customers, strengthening the digital customer relationship and possible joint site development. The parties have not disclosed any financial details relating to the collaboration.

High level of service

CEO Frits van Eerd: “At Jumbo, we look with great interest at the latest developments in the online shopping market. New entrants such as Gorillas bring a lot of innovative power, which really keeps us on our toes. We notice that online customers in big cities need to get their groceries delivered at lightning speed at certain times. The customer's wishes are always the #1 priority at Jumbo and that's why we like to move with changes in the market. We want to be there for our customers anytime, anywhere. Just like Jumbo, Gorillas stands for a high level of service and stands out with its customer-oriented approach. Through this collaboration, we can further expand our service and increase the options for our online customers.”

In business together

Gorillas CEO and Founder, Kagan Sümer: “Less than a year after the launch of Gorillas in the Netherlands and in Belgium, I’m extremely proud to debut this strategic partnership with such a trusted household name. Jumbo and Gorillas share many common values; we are entrepreneurs at heart dedicated to offer the best possible experience to our customers while continuously innovating. This collaboration will bring unprecedented value to Jumbo and Gorillas’ customers. They will get access to Jumbo's extensive range of quality products through the Gorillas' app and Jumbo's online customers will soon have the opportunity to have their groceries delivered to their homes in no time. I’m convinced that we can learn a lot from each other's strengths and I’m really looking forward to establishing together a faster, higher quality grocery offering for consumers in the Netherlands and in Belgium."

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