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One of the first things we did at Gorillas after receiving our Series B Funding was to roll out bonuses to the backbone of our business; the riders and micro-fulfilment centre teams. We shared $1 million with our rider and warehouse crews to highlight how integral they are to Gorillas. We are a community-oriented business and at the heart of our community are the dedicated workers making sure your groceries make it to your door as high quality and quickly as possible.

But we also recognize that community spreads far wider than our business, than our cities and even our species. Therefore we’ve further decided to give back to the wildlife community that is our namesake; the gorillas.

Since the early days of Gorillas, we’ve had a keen interest in the animals that inspired our name. We’d watch documentaries about them in the warehouse and were blown away by these great primates and saddened by their tragic endangerment. We resolved there and then to do what we can to help this incredible species when our company matured.

Now that our company has grown we can finally pay tribute to the gorillas. We have donated $50,000 to the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) who are working tirelessly to protect a community of 2,200 lowland gorillas in the Dzanga-Sangha Protected Area of Central Africa. These animals are endangered due to illegal poaching and the destruction of their natural habitat. We want to help prevent these threats from further damaging these beautiful creatures as well as support their ongoing protection.

We thank WWF Deutschland for their hard work and dedication and thank our community of workers, customers and supporters for helping us make this happen.

Gorillas solidarity!

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